Products Simient Implements

In developing solutions for our clients, Simient has found best of breed products that enhance our solutions and provide essential functionality with value for money.


LanteriaHR is a SharePoint solution for Human Resources, Performance and Talent Management that facilitates and automates the entire HR management cycle in your organisation.

LanteriaHR provides a central repository for all of your HR information, providing self-service for employees and managers allowing them to access and update relevant details reducing the administrative demands on the HR team freeing them to focus on more strategic people and culture outcomes. LanteriaHR supports common HR processes, such as On-boarding, Off-boarding, and Probation Reviews, through an extensible workflow model, combined with extensive reminders and notifications, ensure that regular people management tasks are performed in a time and consistent manner

With modules for Career and Talent Management, Performance Appraisals and Reviews, Compensation and Benefits, Learning and Development, Competencies, Recruitment and Application Tracking, LanteriaHR is a complete, end-to-end HRIS solution that integrates seamlessly across these numerous modules.

As LanteriaHR is built on SharePoint this affords the solution to be easily customised and extended through standard SharePoint techniques, offering the full power of the SharePoint content and collaboration environment. The LanteriaHR human resource management solution can be used with either SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013.

Collabware CLM

Collabware CLM is a comprehensive content lifecycle management product for Microsoft SharePoint. Simient utilises this product to enhance the basic out of the box features provided by SharePoint, which are often insufficient for our clients. 

Collabware CLM offers robust and advanced physical and electronic records management filling the records management gaps of out-of-the-box SharePoint. Collabware CLM provide a superior user experience, easily controlled and managed by the Records Manager, but seamless and transparent to the end user, improving user adoption and ensuring organisational compliance. Collabware CLM requires no integration effort, it can be simply added to your existing SharePoint 2010 or 2013 Standard or Enterprise environment, maximising your existing technology investments.

Collabware CLM is an end-to-end solution that manages content upon creation, before it becomes a record, through to disposition.


eSCRIBE™ is a 100% user configurable comprehensive integrated paperless meeting and agenda automation and publishing solution aligned with Robert's Rules of Order and designed to leverage Microsoft’s industry leading SharePoint 2010 and newest version 2013 collaboration platforms and the Office productivity suite. Available either as a customer managed solution or delivered completely online, eSCRIBE™ integrates and automates the key functions of managing public and private sector boards, committees and councils; including all levels of government administration (municipal, provincial/federal, local/state), school boards, colleges and universities, hospitals and health boards, not-for-profits, professional associations and public and private corporations.

eSCRIBE integrates seamlessly into your organization’s overall document and records management environment and is built around centralized meeting portals from which meeting administrators predefine comprehensive meeting templates and attendee profiles defining the rules for that particular meeting and the roles and responsibilities for all participating attendees.

eSCRIBE fully automates all aspects of the meeting lifecycle from scheduling who, when, where and what type of meeting is to be held; the preparation, approval, distribution and publishing of agendas, addendums and supporting documents; conducting the meeting from roll-call to adjournment with comprehensive support for motions including online voting for participants (web and iPad Professional). Additionally, flexible n-Tier architecture allows for any number of portal sites to be linked together making it easy to route agenda items through any number of staff, committee or management meeting and approval stages prior to their final submission to the board.

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